Snowrose (Serissa Japonica ‘Variegata’)

Snowrose (Serissa japonica ‘Variegata’): A Comprehensive Plant Guide Introduction The Snowrose (Serissa japonica ‘Variegata’), also known as the Japanese serissa, is a stunning evergreen shrub that belongs to the Rubiaceae family. This delicate plant is native to Japan, China, and Southeast Asia and is admired for its petite, star-shaped flowers and lush, variegated foliage. The […]

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Snowrose (Serissa Japonica ‘Kowloon’)

The Fascinating Snowrose (Serissa japonica ‘Kowloon’) Nature has bestowed us with a remarkable variety of flora, each with its unique charm and characteristics. Among these, the snowrose (Serissa japonica ‘Kowloon’) stands out for its elegant beauty and versatility. This article will delve into the intricate details of this delightful plant, exploring its cultural significance, uses,

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Serissa Bonsai Tree ( Serissa Foetida)

Serissa Bonsai Tree (Serissa Foetida): A Comprehensive Guide Introduction to the Serissa Bonsai Tree The Serissa Bonsai Tree, scientifically known as Serissa Foetida, is a popular species among bonsai enthusiasts. This delicate and graceful tree is known for its small leaves, fine branches, and beautiful, miniature white flowers. Native to Southeast Asia and Australia, Serissa

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