Pearlbush (Exochorda Serratifolia ‘Northern Pearls’)

Pearlbush (Exochorda serratifolia ‘Northern Pearls’) What is Pearlbush? The pearlbush (Exochorda serratifolia ‘Northern Pearls’) is a beautiful deciduous flowering shrub that belongs to the Rosaceae family. This plant is native to China and is commonly known for its abundant, showy white flowers that bloom in the spring. It is also referred to as Exochorda serratifolia […]

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Pearlbush (Exochorda Racemosa)

Planting the Pearlbush (Exochorda racemosa) Exochorda racemosa, commonly known as Pearlbush, is a stunning deciduous shrub that belongs to the family Rosaceae. Native to China and the Himalayas, this plant is characterized by its arching branches adorned with delicate and beautiful white flowers. It is a popular ornamental plant in gardens and landscapes, appreciated for

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