White Sage (Artemisia Ludoviciana ‘Silver King’)

The Fascinating World of White Sage (Artemisia ludoviciana ‘Silver King’) In the realm of plant science, there exists a vast array of plant species that captivate us with their beauty, therapeutic properties, and cultural significance. One such intriguing plant is the white sage, scientifically known as Artemisia ludoviciana ‘Silver King.’ This remarkable plant holds a […]

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White Mugwort (Artemisia Lactiflora (Guizhou Group)

Plant Scientist’s Guide to White Mugwort (Artemisia lactiflora (Guizhou Group)) What is Plant: White Mugwort (Artemisia lactiflora (Guizhou Group) Description White Mugwort (Artemisia lactiflora (Guizhou Group) is a delightful perennial plant that belongs to the Asteraceae family. It is known for its lacy, silver-green foliage and clusters of tiny, white, daisy-like flowers that bloom in

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